Why Is Confined Space Work Permit Required?

confined space work permits

There are jobs that require a proper education or qualification while some jobs need a practical experience. Some extremely professional jobs need a qualification of at least fourteen to sixteen years of education like MBBS while some need an experience like that of a maid. It is not necessary to limit yourself to a particular field only because there is always an option of exploring and going out of your comfort zone. You need to get a particular diploma or certificate to get to perform in any specific field. The learning period to get these diplomas might vary from few days to few months; depending upon the kind of job you are looking for. People often get diploma or permit to be allowed to work in particular place like you get driving license after a three month training period. These permits or certificates are required not only to ensure your safety but also the safety of other people involved with you. In this article; we will be discussing about the fact that why is confine space work permit required.

Why is confined space work permit required?

Confined spaces are the kind of laces which are extremely congested and there barely is enough oxygen amounts to breath. It is hazardous to stay in such confine places for too long. Some confined spaces can turn out to be so dangerous that you might not find an exit from that particular place. This is the reason that one must be experienced enough to enter in such places so that in the time of emergency he can cope with any unexpected situation. Confined spaces may vary from storage bins to vaults and from pits to tunnels. Not everyone is allowed to enter these confined places because it can turn out to be risky for the person. 

Special kind of training is provided for a specific period of time in which ways are taught to face any unexpected or expected situation in a confined place. This is the reason that only people how have confined space work permit can enter confined places.

Marine license course:

If you have a craze of going out there in the deep blue ocean and drive a ship or cruise by yourself then you need to have a license for it as well. This licence is known as marine license which is provided after a training or course of three days to three month; depending upon the capability of a person.


If you often have to visit confined places because of your profession or your interest then at first you must have a permit for it. Moreover; if you want to be a captain of the ship and to sway in the deep Blue Ocean then you must have a marine license for it. You can get both; confined space work permit as well as marine license course from “Construction training group”.