Types Of Buildings You Must Be Interested In Knowing About


Wherever you go in this world, a building is something that will always be there. While not many don’t really care about the types and kinds of buildings, if you have even an ounce of aspiration to become an architect, and engineer or even an interior designer, you will be interested to know much more about buildings in general, than what meets the eye. Below is a simple outline of a catalogue of buildings. The below list however, is not exhaustive, and does not include buildings that are very common.

Buildings used for agricultural purposes

Barns and sheds are versatile agricultural bodings that are used for many purposes, including storage of machinery and animals. Farm sheds too have very similar purposes. A stable is another famous agricultural structure meant to keep livestock, including horses. Similarly, a cow-shed, as the name suggests, is a place for cows. A hayloft is usually built on top of a stable and a cow shed to store hay and other fodder. A green house is an agricultural structure, that houses and develops plants that need special climatic conditions. Domestic pigs are raised in an outhouse structure called pigsty or pigpen. 

Religious buildings

A church, as we all know, is a religious building used by Christians. There a variety of types of churches including; cathedrals, chapel and basilica etc. Mosques are buildings used by Muslims all over the world. Though the designs of mosques vary greatly from one another, they all have common structures like the dome and the minaret. A Hindu temple is a place where the Hindus meet their Gods. They to vary widely in terms of art and architecture, and in terms of location. Some temples are situated on tops of mountains, while others are situated in the midst of thick jungles. A pagoda, which effectively is tiered tower that you see in the south of Asia, in Sri Lanka, India, Burma etc. is a religious structure that is predominantly used for Buddhist worship. It is usually situated in close proximity to a Buddhist Vihara or temple. A shrine is lace of religious worship that revolves around a specific point of worship, usually in remembrance of a saint, hero deity or another important figure. Many religions including Christianity make use of shrined for their religious offerings.

Building that are related to the state

This list will no doubt be useful to almost everyone, at least once in their life time. A consul is a governmental institution that is situated in another country, to help the citizen of the country where the consul belongs to, in the foreign country. This differs form an embassy, as there can be only one embassy in a state, while there can be more than one consulate depending on the need. A parliament is an elected body belonging to the government. A parliament generally supervises the functions of the governments and makes laws. A town hall is the pivotal administrative structure in a city, that houses the Mayor, and his board of ministers, along with the opposition party.

Interesting buildings used by the military

An arsenal or an armoury manufactures, stores and distributes arms and ammunition. Arracks are building where the soldiers live, and undergo training and other disciplinary preparations.