The Two Basic Types Of Foil Invitations

We are living in the times where man is continuously striving to do something better and more creative. As we have already been introduced with many creative technologies and products that now, we cannot get easily satisfied with anything less creative. This is the reason that every field is trying to make their product more creative. Similar is the case with the printing field. Printing field is the field in which cards are printed by different methods. One of the oldest methods that is being used for cards is the basic printing method with different fonts and styling. However, there is an introduction of newer method known as foil method of printing services or foil stamping. In this article, we will be discussing about foil invitations and their two basic types.

Foil stamping:

Foil stamping which can also be known as foil printing is the way of pasting or stamping foil on the firm piece of paper. Foil is basically made up of thin metallic leaves and is paper like structure. This process is carried out first by roughly writing on the card. Then on these roughly written words, hot foil is stamped in such a way that they take the exact place of roughly written words. The foil is heated so that it gets stamped on the card firmly. The card on which the heated foil is stamped must be a rigid one so that it won’t melt down. This gives glittery metallic appearance.

Foil invitations:

Invitations can be for any event or occasion. There can be wedding invitations, birthday invitations or any other party invitations. It has been going on since ages that people like to send invitational cards to their loved ones so that they can join them in their happy occasion. However, with the introduction of technological discoveries the trend of birthday invitations or any other party invitations is vanishing. This is mainly because of the introduction of different applications like WhatsApp, Face book, etc. A person can easily send an invitation through these apps but the trend of wedding invitations is still on the top. Wedding ceremony seems like incomplete without the wedding invitation cards.

As the trend of wedding invitations is not going to end and is here to stay so people discover different innovative ways to give these wedding invitation cards a unique look. One of the latest and most creative ways of invitational cards is the foil invitational cards. The writing on these cards is done by stamping foil. The two most basic types of foil which is stamped on foil invitations are aluminum colored foil and gold colored foil. Both of these pigmented foils are quite in vogue.


Foil invitations in NYC are the invitational cards on which pigmented foil is stamped on the card. This heated foil is used as an ink to write. The two most basic types of pigmented foil that is stamped on a card are aluminum pigmented foil and gold pigmented foil. These pigmented invitations gives and extraordinary look to your cards. “Fast printing” provides the best kinds of foil invitations.