Methods Of Keratin Hair Treatment

The increase in environmental pollution greatly affects our skins and hair. The hairs are said to be the part of our body which takes all the bombardments of pollutants. Due to their larger quantity, it is not possible to take care of each hair and if it was difficult to manage the health of your hair at home or by traditional methods like oiling. So with research, this has been proven that keratin is the most important building block of hair and their presence reduces the effect of the environment. There are different methods to apply keratin to your hair and it can also be taken orally.

Salon Keratin treatment

This is the most popular method for keratin treatment. This is also called a Brazilian method. This process is but time consuming and intensive. It also requires multiple visits to the salon for completion of one treatment and each visit will have several steps. At first, the cream will be applied to hair, the cream will contain formaldehyde. After applying the cream, the hair will be blown dry and straighten out. During straightening out, the cream will be uniformly distributed to all hairs, so its coverage will increase. After straightening out, you have to keep your hair dry for several days and then visit the salon again. When you will visit the saloon, the chemical will be washed away and the new treatment will be applied for the straightening effect. The effect of this treatment will last for 3 months. Link here offer a high standard of hair service that will give a best results.

Keratin shampoos, Serum and Conditioners

Sometimes salon is not accessible for you or you are not at all salon people. So to have keratin treatment at home, there is a wide variety of keratin enriched products available in the market, which can be used for hair treatments. But one must be well aware of the methods and quantity to be applied each time. The advantage of using keratin products at home that your hair will be more enriched with keratin, because of frequent use. This will keep hair healthier and more immune to pollutants.

Keratin Supplements

Keratin supplements also help to maintain the keratin level in your body. Ass keratin is also important for skin and nails, so taking keratin supplements will provide a regular intake of keratin in the body. The keratin supplements are available in the form of powder or capsules. They are easily available in the health section of the departmental store or online.

Keratin is a bit expensive as compare to other supplements. Even the keratin treatment will be a bit expensive but as they last for a longer period, so it justifies its cost. The keratin treatment at the salon can cost around $300-400 but if you are using keratin product cost at home, that can cost up to $50.