How To Keep Your Aircraft Value High

The value of your aircraft doesn’t just depend on its physical condition. Obviously, this is a huge part of it, but it isn’t everything. In order to keep the value of your plane as high as it can be, you have to make certain things happen. One of the first and most important, which goes without saying, is to maintain it well. An aircraft that has been maintained according to international standards is always going to have a far better value than one that isn’t. Of course, maintaining an aircraft WELL means that you need to do more than the bare minimum.

Go Above and Beyond Requirements Remember that the minimum standards for aircraft maintenance New Zealand are basically a bar at the very bottom of the list. You have to be at them or above in order to call your aircraft maintained. These minimum regulations are more about preserving the safety of your plane in the air. They aren’t about keeping the value of the plane up. This is why even though the standards say you have to replace that worn seatbelt as soon as you see it, you are going to want to replace the worn cushion on the seat as well to maintain the value of the plane.

Cosmetic Items are Important Too!When aircraft maintenance Dubai has been done right, you are going to feel the difference. There is more to it than making it look good for the regular inspections, and performing overhauls at the right times. It also means that all of the systems within your aircraft need to be in proper working condition. All of the items that go through regular wear and tear need to be replaced. This applies even if they aren’t crucial to the operation of the plane. Any items within your plane that are there for cosmetic purposes also contribute to the value of the craft, so don’t make the mistake of ignoring them. To know more about beechcraft king air for sale, visit this page.

Both the interior and the exterior of the plane need to factor into the maintenance process. The outside body of the plane needs to be cleaned and polished at all times. This makes the plane look a lot more appealing from the outside, and it provides some other benefits. For example, any problems that you have with the plane can be spotted before they rear their heads mid-flight. It is a lot easier to fix problems that have been detected in their early stages. Always maintain your aircraft above what is required of it.