Spreading The Word On Cruelty To Animals


Every year fifty six billion land animals are slaughtered yet hardly anyone in the world is aware of this fact. Many people continue to enjoy their hamburgers, their sausages and their fried chicken without so much of an inkling of knowledge about where that meat comes from and the conditions that the animals are kept in during their lives in order to be slaughtered. In fact, most of these meat eaters fight tooth and nail against animal abusers and people who hurt cats and dogs, but somehow do not make the connection between the food that they are eating and the torture behind it.

Tools to help create awareness

Unfortunately for these animal activists, the money that they have to spread the word is not even one millionth of what the meat and dairy industries invest to hide the secret and so these activists are going to have to find creative methods of getting the word out to as many people as possible with the lowest cost involvement. Bumper labels on auto, stickers on books, posters in newspapers are some of the few methods that are being used today to get attention and in truth, they really are getting attention however, not as much as they would hope to get.

Every year fifty six land animal die and this number does not include sea animals because the numbers of sea animals that are being killed each year are so vast that they can only be measures in tons. The saddest part of the story is that with each net that comes in, only about ten percent of the catch is edible sea life with about ninety percent of the net containing wild sea life that dies in vain. Therefore, while the numbers of sea animals killed for consumption are measured only in tons, about ten times that number are killed in vain and dumped back in the oceans. This is a lot of information to be fitted in to a bumper stickers online and therefore social media has become to the tool of choice.

In honesty, these meat eater animal activists cannot be blamed for this lack of knowledge because the meat industry and the dairy industry invests millions and billions of dollars each year to keep this cruelty a secret from their consumers and therefore it up to the animal activists to take a stand and let the world know about the terrible cruelty that is the meat and dairy industries. The advancement of social media allows activists and advertisers alike to reach thousands of viewers and users with only the single click of a button and no expenditure at all.