Advantages Of The Hydraulic Press

The inventor of the workshop hydraulic press or any hydraulic tools Victoria was a jack of all trades. His main interest was in the study of the motion of fluids, and many credit him with the development of the first toilet flushing system. He used the knowledge he gained in developing the technology that lead to the development of the hydraulic press. The press is sometimes called the Bramah press after Joseph Bramah the inventor. This name is popular in Britain and the United Kingdom. The hydraulic press is based on the Pascal’s principle, with constant pressure applied through throughout the same system. The advantage a piece of equipment has determines whether it will be stocked in a workshop or not.

A press has built in protection systems that prevent any sort of damage through overloading. Whether one makes a mistake or does it intentionally, there is no way that the press can exceed its rating and tonnage. It can only load smaller pressures but cannot exceed. This same theme of control persists throughout the working of the press. One has a lot of control when operating this piece of workshop equipment. Things like the ram force, the duration, speed, direction and release are all always under control. With this, the user can optimize the working pressure to just the right amount required for the job.

Just like the inventor, a press is versatile and has several potential functions it can do. It can be used in compression of plastic and rubber, ball compression, bonding, wheel sizing and broaching. It also has few parts that move making it quieter. The flywheel has been removed making it less mechanical in nature. Also, the fact that one can control all the ram stroke movements makes it easy to control the noise. With the ram movement under control, it is easy to control the noise. All the user has to do is make sure the ram movement is slow enough to minimize noise.

All this control adds up to lower cost of tools. The inbuilt protection from overloading is big part of this process. If the rating of the press is say 200 tons, there is no danger of any parts being damaged even by mistaken overloading because the press cannot exceed the tonnage. The sizing of the tools is set according to the job and not rigidly according to the tonnage of the press. All factors that affect the pressure like the cooling and heating system, timers and feeders can all be customized to fit the job specifications. With all these conditions, one is able to achieve tool longevity. More information about other hydraulic tools, visit

In the end, though, the interests of the person assembling a garage will determine their reasons for choosing equipment and ultimately what they buy. A person with an interest in the maintenance and repair of trucks will no doubt require, and ultimately buy a truck jack. If the workshop is being built to be a pastime then it will definitely have smaller equipment and less space. Even the budgetary considerations will only come second to interest.