A Mom’s Challenge: Healthy Snacks To Go

“Mom, I’m hungry.”  “It’s two hours before dinner.”  Today’s kids are on the go with active lifestyles and their eating habits need to keep up with them.  A snack has to be quick to grab, easy to access and meet mom’s criteria of being healthy.  All moms face this dilemma, how to find something kid approved.  Kids want something that tastes good.  Moms want something that is nutritious.  And both need something that is portable and easy to pack.  What are some foods that might meet those criteria? Here are a few suggestions of best protein powder that are both kid friendly and mom approved.  Various kinds of fruit and veggies pack well•    Apples are the premier packable snack.  Slipped into a lunchbox or a backpack, apples are their own spill-proof container. Sweet and juicy, small and lightweight they are the perfect snack.  •    Raisins also come in small packages, are naturally sweet with no added sugar making them a good choice.  •    Celery can be stuffed with tasty, creamy fillings such as peanut butter or cheese.  •    Carrots come peeled and washed, and some even are prepackaged. Dairy products are Grade A•    Yogurt, even Greek yogurt now comes in to-go packages.  Just watch the label to make sure the choice is low sugar, Stevia sweetened would be ideal.  •    Cheese, either in slices or cubes makes the cut.  Cheese will ramp up the protein between meals to keep hunger away.•    Milk, plain or flavored comes in portable boxes with a convenient straw attached.  Again, watch the sugar grams with sweetened flavors.Nuts and seedsNuts, such as peanuts, almonds, or cashews are readily available and in small packages.  They may be roasted and salted, or even eaten raw. Sunflower seeds come in the shell as well as shelled. Most kids preferred roasted and salted. Nut and seed bars are readily available and individually packaged. They come in a variety of nuts and seed combinations.  Most have bits of fruits too for sweetness.  These are popular with adults as well.  Watch out kids, moms and dads may raid your stash.  As you can see, luckily for active kids and busy moms, there are many choices available of protein cookies.  Boys and girls will love the taste of these healthy kids snacks and moms can feel good about sending their children off with nutritious foods.  After school, before practices, at ball games, wherever kids and moms go, is a good place to have a quick pick me up before dinner time.