A Guide For Slurry Knife Gate Valves

slurry valves


Normally, slurry valves maker typically plan the valve so that it secludes the slurry stream even in one of the most difficult handling conditions.

The knife gate valves producers follow the idea of the simplicity of support since the body of the valve is cast in a solitary piece which normally kills the requirement for in the middle of between the parts of the valve body. The circulation of the heap in the ring is coordinated into these valve sleeves which have just two help parts: the auxiliary seal and the ring sleeves.

Valve Plan:

A significant knife gate valves should be phenomenally expected to offer an unmatched execution while giving a low extra energy for solid use, high strain loads, areas of strength for higher materials, horrendous slurry applications that are erosive-unpleasant that are generally found in the accompanying lines of the essence slurry transport tubes and the mineral metal centre plants.

A single projecting arranged valve body holds two field-replaceable elastomer sleeves as referred to before which would be full port bi-directional slurry valves presenting bubble tight work out that is sensible for working under significant pressures of up to twenty bars. They moreover get through a slurry temperature of up to 80ºC. The sleeve present on either side of the very front which is removable gives the certifiable bi-directional air pocket tight fixing, killing contact of the parts with the slurry.

Valve Working:

The flexible ring sleeves are facilitated with the stiffener ring by setting in the valve housing to seal them against each other when the slurry valve is in the empty position, so this tight fitting holds all the high inward line pressure so giving a bi-directional stream and shut off. Going with the modern explicit situation a wide-body slurry knife gate valves is a best decision for low as well as medium-tension rock solid slurry applications.

A Slurry valves, while being intended for hardcore conditions, is similarly great for use in the high-pressure application necessities of the particular modern area like mining and mineral handling, power age, squander water treatment, and so on.

A part of the Significant Benefits is:

  • Supplanting the sleeves is much more straightforward.
  • Has a bi-directional stream.
  • The slurry knife gate when open completely is removed from the stream.
  • No downstream spillage since there is an air pocket-tight shutoff.
  • There is no stopping up of the hood to hinder the stream.
  • Lower upkeep conditions.
  • Very proper either for wet or dry help or for both.
  • A simpler approach to dealing with because of the lightweight plan.


On account of our more extensive involvement with the planning and assembling of expert slurry knife gate valves, we at HPVPL are adroit in planning to suit particular application necessities.