Caring For Your Wedding Ring and Wedding Surroundings

Just as you wouldn’t neglect your relationship after the wedding ceremony, you also shouldn’t neglect the jewelry which in essence is its representing symbol. Even just a few months after the purchase of your engagement and wedding rings, the gleam and sparkle may begin to fade and the diamond could begin to lose its luster.

Everyday activities, such as cleaning the house, going about your chores, or simply coming into contact with things like lotion, soaps, and the natural oils on your skin can leave a film on your diamond ring and makes it lose its brilliance. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to bring back its luster. Find out more about wedding decorations in Perth.

Your wedding ring needs careful attention, so it is best not to wear it when you are doing some rough work around the house. Do not let your ring come into contact with chlorine bleach and other harsh chemicals. If you are packing your diamonds for a trip or if you want to store them for some time, make sure they are wrapped comfortably in a fabric-lined case to prevent it from scratching other jewellery.

To clean your ring, follow these simple instructions which you could perform on your own at home:

1. Soak your diamond ring in a solution of four parts warm water and one part household ammonia.

2. After 10 minutes, brush the ring gently with a soft brush to remove dirt.

3. Soak in back into the solution to rinse in warm water.

4. Finally, blot your ring dry with tissue paper or lint-free cloth.

Wedding rings are made of high quality material that may need professional service later on. Although diamond rings are known for being sturdy, the settings may loosen over time.

Have your wedding ring checked and inspected by diamond specialists for any defects or other problems. Remember that your ring is a big investment and you will be wearing it for a long time. Trusted jewellers can check, clean and fix any problems with the setting of your ring. When you get it back, it will look like it’s new.

If you’re worried about losing your wedding ring then maybe you should consider getting it insured. First, ask for an appraisal from any reliable jeweller. It will also be wise to take photos of the ring as added documentation for the insurance company. Make sure you ask all the right questions, such as knowing the full extent of the insurance coverage, what it covers and does not cover, and the kinds of fees you have to pay for.

It’s a symbol of your lifelong commitment, so why not have your wedding rings insured? Ring insurance is usually added to your homeowners insurance policy, but you can opt to choose a company specializing particularly in jewellery insurance. Make sure to do your research though as the amount you need to pay every year may vary depending on different insurance companies and the policy you wish to take. Enquire about white tablecloth which will add charm to your wedding.

Whichever you choose, make sure your wedding ring is safe: after putting so much thought into the purchase of the ring, make sure it lasts a lifetime.


Affordable Washing Service For Clothes

Getting your clothes washed need not be an expensive affair when you choose the right service providers. If you are bored to wash your clothes yourself, you will have to depend on the maid to get the job done. This can be very expensive and you are not even assured that the job will be done in an efficient manner. You must understand that some clothes are delicate and need to be handled very carefully and it is not possible for everyone to follow these instructions. In this regard, you must choose a washing service provider who can do this at an affordable price. 

Cost effective service

● The mobile dry cleaning service providers will be able to offer you the best service at the best cost effective price.

● They offer free delivery if you are having more than a few clothes to be washed. In this manner, you can get doorstep service without any additional cost.

● Even if you have to pay the delivery charge, it is very less when compared to your cost of going to the outlet to give the clothes for washing. Also remember that you will have to visit the outlet again to collect the washed clothes.

● You can save all these hassles by opting for these service providers.

● You will be surprised to know that the service is not just available for homes but also for hotels. This makes it very easy for tourists who are on a short trip to the city to get their clothes washed efficiently at affordable prices.

● When you compare the cost of hiring a maid doing the job, you will find this very affordable option.

● You must also remember that the washing is done by professionals who are experts in this field and they will take good care of your clothes.

This is very important when you are choosing dry cleaners for your clothes. They must understand that the clothes are delicate and handle them carefully. When you choose professional laundry people to do the job, you need not worry about this as they will have vast experience in this field and choose the right materials to clean your clothes. The surprising thing is that the ease with which you can access this service. All you need to do is to download the app on your mobile phone and place your request for picking your clothes. They will ask you for the location and you can mention it on the map to make it easy for them to pick up the clothes from your location. They will also deliver the clothes back to your place after the job is done.

Set A Perfect Dinner Date At Home For Your Wife

We all love surprises, and when those surprises come from our loved ones, our joys know no bounds. Women especially, love surprises. And a surprise dinner date in your home is really a lovely surprise for your woman.

Now to answer your question, why dinner dates? Most of the men work during the day, and so they do not get the time to prep up. Secondly, evening or night time is considered as romantic. And you can decorate the space with different fancy things. Imagine a candlelight dinner! You can use handmade soy candles for the occasion. It will create a unique and romantic ambiance. And we are here to help you in setting up the perfect romantic dinner date for your wife. We have some amazing ides behind our sleeves to surprise her.

• Choose an open space of your house where you want to do the entire set up. It may be your courtyard or your garden. And if you have a house facing the sea or any river, then you get extra marks for it.

• You need to arrange 4 poles or bamboos to dig on four sides making a square. Hang loose colourful clothes around the body of those poles, connecting one another. Remember; try to use her favourite colour because it’s her day. If you do not have ample space to do so, no problem. But try to set the date under the open sky, that’s it.

• Set a small dinner table and two chairs in the middle of it. Cover the table with a white satin cloth. Spread rose petals on the top of the table. It gives a beautiful romantic appeal.

• Try to keep minimalistic lighting as it’s a romantic date and not anyone’s wedding. Light up various types of candles all around you. You can use handmade soy candles as they last much longer than ordinary paraffin candles. Place some on the dinner table too.

• Make sure to run some soft music at the background to bring that romantic vive and feel.

• Keep a beautiful gift or a card ready for her to add more expression to your love for her.

• Do dress up properly for the occasion. Make her fall in love with you all over again.

Why should you choose your own home for the date?

Women are always running around the house maintaining this and that. So she gets quite used by seeing the same surroundings every day. By planning the date at home, you are actually changing the entire look and feel of a particular part of your house, with which she is bound to fall in love with.